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Dr Nigel Kellow





I'm a medical doctor and digital health founder. In my medical work, I'm honoured to be considered one of the country's leading experts in painful spinal and neurological conditions . I've been involved in the pandemic response in a number of ways - as an intensivist founded on my previous consultant experience, as the medical director and chief medical officer of a large COVID testing laboratory, and as a master faculty member teaching ICU skills at the NHS London Nightingale Hospital. I've also become known for treating patients with Long COVID, having been one of the first to see patients with it.


Outside medicine I have founded a number of technology and digital health businesses. For example. I founded and developed a HIPAA and GDPR compliant health data cloud, based in the US and UK, which enables health professionals to safely store and share PHI (protected health information) with health providers, patients, and with each other. Right now I'm working on an ambitious project using technology to tackle lifestyle-related, and therefore largely avoidable, chronic health problems, and on an alternative to health insurance, founded on novel funding model.  


After taking my undergraduate medical degree in London, I did postgraduate training in intensive care, pain medicine, and anaesthesia in Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, and London. When I was in Paris, I researched drugs to treat heart failure and high blood pressure, and on completing my postgraduate medical training, I was appointed to the consultant staff at Barts and the London NHS Hospitals, where I specialised in ICU and cardiothoracic anaesthesia. 


During my first two years at Barts, and while working full-time and being on the on-call rota, I also did an MBA at the London Business School, where I specialised in strategy, operations management, and advanced finance. I hadn't ever intended to leave medicine, and I only did the MBA because my lawyer brother had one! So, in spite of getting a number of job offers from the City and pharma, I have managed to combine clinical medicine with my digital health work. 

If you're reading this as one of my current or previous patients, thank you. I'm privileged you've trusted me to look after you when you're unwell or feeling vulnerable. You've helped to give me a career that few people are lucky enough to have. 


The kind of spinal problems I commonly see include ruptured discs, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, neuroforaminal narrowing, facet joint problems, nerve root entrapment. The kind of neurological problems I mostly see include CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and persistent pain following nerve injuries. 

All of the patients I see are trying to avoid surgery. Some still have pain in spite of surgery, and sadly, a small number have worse pain after surgery. 

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Often better known as spinal cord stimulation, neuromodulation is the NICE approved treatment of choice for people with neuropathic pain problems, especially for people with leg or back pain after spinal surgery, CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), and pain after nerve injuries in the arms, legs or torso. It is also the NICE approved for urinary and faecal incontinence, and can also be really helpful for people with (DPN) diabetic peripheral neuropathy. 

Sadly, many more people could benefit from neuromodulation than have heard about it or are able to access it. I am one of the country's leading neuromodulation consultants. I can tell you if your problem can be helped by it, advise you on the best device for you, and look after you through your whole neuromodulation journey. 


Wouldn't you love to be able to get back to feeling like you can do this? If you have Long COVID, you're not alone. One in 20 people suffer from COVID-19 symptoms that last longer than 8 weeks, and one in 50 for more than 3 months.

I'll take your full medical history, examine you, and do a full blood workup. If you're still short of breath or always feel tired, you might have damage to your lungs or heart, which I'll assess with an exercise ECG, VO2 Max test, lung function tests, lung CT or cardiac MRI. I'll then give you a treatment program to get you back to full strength, with physiotherapy, personal training, heart, and lung medications if you need them. 

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My medicolegal expertise reflects my clinical practice so it falls into the following areas:
Painful spinal and neurological problems arising after accident, injury or medical treatment. Injuries arising after general anaesthesia or sedation for medical procedures.
I am often asked to act as a medical expert in high value claims. I act for defendant and claimant in a roughly 50:50 ratio, and as a joint expert. I accept clinical negligence instructions.  


I'm an experienced digital health founder. I was the founder and CEO of Liquid Healthcare, a HIPAA and GDPR compliant cloud for PHI (protected health information) where health professionals, providers, and patients could safely connect with each other, discuss confidential matters in a safe and secure environment, and share confidential health data from documents, through lab work, to medical imaging. 

I'm passionate about using technology to reduce the incidence of lifestyle-related, and therefore avoidable, chronic health problems, which is the driver of my current startup. 

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I'm an experienced intensivist, having co-specialized in it during my postgraduate training and during my NHS consultant position at Barts, where I did cardiothoracic anesthesia and ICU. I have considerable experience looking after critically ill patients with multiple organ system dysfunction including COVID-19. 


If you want to read about some of the things that interest me, please have a look at my blog.

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If you've managed to get this far I'd like to hear from you. Please drop me a line, probably best by email or phone. 

Dr Nigel Kellow

Harley Street Medical Centre

17 Harley Street



Tel: 0203 998 3704

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